IR Camera Core Engines

Infrared Imaging technologies experts. IR Cameras Cores for easy integration : Easy integration, advanced image processing, remote control GUI (Windows)

Powerful Core : 3x more powerful than previous model

Sharper Images : Up to 1920×1536 resolution

IDAO ENGINEERING proved his expertise in design of complex electronic architectures based on Intel FPGA and embedded software on Texas instruments DSP (Digital Signal Processors)

Small size 120x80mm (stacking of 2 boards) and low power

Electrical specifications

  • Wide Input Voltage 9V to 36V, Power consumption < 7W

Control & Communication

  • RS232 (2 ports), RS422 (1 port), USB2.0 (1 port)

Digital output

  • Camlink, GigE or USB3.0

Video output

  • HDMI v1.4, HD-SDI and CCIR/RS170

NUC processing

  • Up to 16 tables in 640×512 format
  • Up to 4 tables in 1280×1024 / 1920×1536 format

External trigger

  • Input (TTL or LVTTL), 1 output (TTL or LVTTL)

Supported IR detectors

SCD Detectors

  • BLACKBIRD 1280×1024 – SXGA, MWIR. Up to 120Hz
  • PELICAN-D / KINGLET 640×512 – VGA, MWIR. Up to 480Hz
  • HERCULES 1280×1024 – SXGA, MWIR. Up to 120Hz

LYNRED Detectors

  • DAPHNIS HD 1280×720 – SXGA, MWIR. Up to 120Hz
  • SCORPIO 640X512 – VGA, MWIR / LWIR. Up to 240Hz

Supported Stirling Cooler (Power Control module)


  • RM2, RM3 and RM4


  • K508, K548, K561 and K562S


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