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Uncooled LWIR module with MIPI CSI-2 Digital output

Lynred ATI320L / ATI320S Infrared sensor module. The ATI320 Advanced Thermal Imager is a highly adaptable and high-performance solution tailored for various thermal imaging needs. Crafted specifically for seamless integration and automated processes, it provides camera manufacturers with an unparalleled, user-friendly device that is both flexible and easy to use.)

Compatible with NVIDIA JETSON Xavier NX and Nano Developers Platforms, V4L2 Based Device Driver. The ISM-ATI320 infrared module is specifically developed to interface with NVIDIA GPUs

Key Features

  • 320 x 240 – 12µm pixel pitch, Lynred thermal imager
  • Embedded Image Correction
  • Shuterless continuous imaging
  • Low power thermal imager (< 400 mW)

MIPI CSI-2 Frame Capture API and drivers for V4L2. Developers Platforms NVIDIA JETSON Xavier NX and Nano

IR Image sensor

  • Vendor / Name: Lynred ATI320L42 (without lens)
  • Technology: Uncooled (Microbolometer), LWIR
  • Pixel pitch: 12µm Max.
  • Resolution: 320 x 240
  • Sensor performance NETD: < 60 mK (for ATI320S)
  • Optical lens: 5.3 mm; F/1.3; HFOV (40.8°); VFOV (31.0°); fixed focus
  • Bit depth: 8 / 14 bits mode, selectable


  • Module Interface: MIPI CSI-2, 2 lanes
  • Control Interface: I2C (2 wires serial communication)
  • Clock Frequency: 40 MHz
  • Interface Connector: MOLEX FPC 15POS 1.0 MM : 52271-1579
  • Trigger Input: Yes, 3.3V LVTTL / LVCMOS
  • Trigger Output: Yes, 3.3V LVTTL / LVCMOS
  • GPIO: 1 OUT, 1.8V LVCMOS


  • Dimensions (LxWxH) Stacking size 30mm x30mm x10mm

Electrical & Environmental

  • Input voltage: 5V to 15V.
  • Power consumption: < 0.75 W (including IR image sensor)
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Ambient Humidity: 95% RH

Software Support

  • Driver V4L2 Based: Device Driver
  • Supported Platform(s): NVIDIA JETSON Xavier NX / JETSON Nano
  • Linux Version(s): Kernel 4.9.201
  • API Language: C / C++


  • Flex cable 150 mm: WURTH : WR-FFC 686715152001

Interface GUI for NVIDIA JETSON Xavier NX and Nano

  • ISEye GUI and SDK: Camera Control, Image Capture and Viewer Software

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Infrared Sensor Module with MIPI CSI-2 Digital Output





Uncooled LWIR module with MIPI CSI-2 Digital output